21 March 2009

Three Generations of Castille family performs music at Richard Sale Barn | AcadiaParishToday.com

Abbeville, LA. Hadley Castille, joined by two members of his family as well as the Sharecroppers Band will entertain audience members with lively Cajun music on Saturday, March 21, 2009, from 7 until 10 p.m. at the historic Richard’s Sale Barn located at 1307 S. Henry Street (Hwy 335) in Abbeville.

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Hadley J. Castille is one of the finest examples of authentic south Louisiana Cajun fiddle music. He, along with his son Blake and granddaughter Sarah Jayde, play authentic south Louisiana Cajun fiddle music with interpretations of turn of the century songs, along with a swing influenced sound that captures both heart and soul. Their sound recreates an intoxicating blend of both traditional and contemporary music. With rhythm driven two-steps, old time waltzes and award winning original compositions written by he and his son, Blake, this musical gumbo will captivate and electrify attendees. Castille fiddles like a swashbuckling fencer, slicing, slashing and dashing his way through bluesy bow drags (“Cyprien and Marie”), western swing stomps (“Grand Texas”) and rollicking romps.

Castille has always preferred to spin his own yarns rather than relate the tales of others, so he has amassed a sizable body of original material over the years. Expect to hear featured songs such as Cajun French Music Association award-winning chestnuts as “200 Lines” (‘I must not speak French on the schoolyard anymore’) and “Faire Whiskey” that recounts the ‘white mule’ corn liquor stills in the woods surrounding the hamlet of Pecaniére, LA. These songs are a scrapbook only Castille can stitch together with stories about the old homestead and provide living proof that you can go home again.

The Castille family and Hadley in particular, represents a rare side of Cajun music history. The combination of Castille’s charismatic personal and musical style, personal anecdotes and the intimate setting of the Richard Sale Barn will draw the audience into a performance that seems less like a concert and more like a friendly back porch get-together on a sultry Louisiana evening.

Tickets for the “An Intimate night with Hadley Castille and Family” will be $15 and can be purchased at Abbeville Record Shop, Piazza Office Supply, or by calling 337-893-5760 or by emailing lebayou@bellsouth.net.

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